Lloyd Young is a licensed Private Investigator, a licensed Commercial Fire Alarm Planner and Alarm Systems Installer, a speaker, a trainer, and a security consultant. He is an expert in the fields of fire alarms, electronic security, crime prevention and loss prevention in the retail setting. He specializes in the application of technical solutions, coupled with personnel education in the never ending battle to reduce shrinkage in the retail and institutional settings. Medical institutions have benefited greatly from his experience and expertise in the application of Access Control, CCTV, Wander Management and Infant Security systems and methodologies.


In this ever-evolving electronic age, Mr. Young understands the great value in applying a New-Age electronic solution to an age-old problem; Theft.


Case Study: A major retailer's Loss prevention personnel were trained in the use of covert, easy-to-apply wireless transmitters. Soon after this instructive session, one of the security staff noticed a number of watches 'stashed' on the dock area. The wireless device and a temporary camera were put into use. Four days later, while the Loss Prevention staff were occupied in the documentation and processing of several shoplifters in the LP office, the wireless annunciator sounded, drawing their attention to the hidden camera. On the screen were
two of the full time dock employees, stuffing the 27 watches down their pants and into their socks. The two were monitored from that point until the moment that they were detained as they were leaving the store. They were prosecuted for theft, and all of the watches were recovered.


Case Study: At a large retail chain, it was discovered that several unused cash register terminals were being emptied by persons unknown. Sales staff and Managers verified that the tills were supplied with the standard $100, $150, and $200 amounts before the thefts, then an associate's number was being used to open the terminal, and the bills went missing. All of the victim terminals were in areas not often the subject of shoplift investigations, so there were few cameras in the area. A different associate's number was being used each time, and often when that associate had gone home for the day. Mr. Young was consulted on the matter, and devised an electronic solution by using a wireless transmitter on a terminal that was designated by the management team to not be used for a while. The wireless system,
which is capable of alerting the on-duty security personnel via text, e-mail, or cellular call, did alert the Loss Prevention agent that the drawer had been opened. That agent quickly went to the site and observed an off-duty Loss Prevention staff member standing at the open drawer.


Case Study: At a large hospital in East Texas, items were coming up missing from a section of the hospital that was accessible to staff members during the nighttime hours, but was in use by customers and patients only during business hours. Mr. Young surveyed the area, and coordinated with the Security Manager to install two hidden cameras. The doors into the suite were wired to signal the DVR to record any activity in the area after closing hours, and the security staff were to be alerted. The first night of the system's operation, one individual was observed taking IV pumps from the suite.


These events are just a small sample of the savings that can occur with the application of the right tools to stop the leak of money and property that so often drain a company's capital. Beyond the incident of detection and prosecution, the company who is willing to take steps toward vigorously putting a stop to these internal loss issues, is a company who's employees will quickly reconsider any thoughts of participating in such criminal acts.


Mr. Young also testifies as a security expert witness in litigation matters involving Fire Alarm Systems, Premises Protection, Loss Prevention Procedures and Shoplift Prosecution Defense.


Fire Alarm Investigations; Mr. Young holds the unique qualifications as a licensed and experienced Fire Alarm Systems installer, and a licensed Private Investigator in the State of Texas. In the event of a fire, resulting in the loss of life or property, Mr. Young is experienced in the inch-by-inch examination and documentation of the Fire Alarm System and it's wiring, as well as evidence recovery and examination. These findings are used in the process of litigation against the alarm system designers, installing and servicing companies. Conversely, Mr. Young teaches the importance of installing an alarm system correctly, not cutting corners or failing to test the system properly, and on documenting the testing that has been accomplished.

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